Fashion talks. It’s a language that communicates like any other. From the very first event we held back in 2007, Look The Business has been about empowering women to feel good about themselves in the business world – and fashion is at the crux of that.

It’s a fact, however unpalatable to some, that how you present yourself speaks volumes about your confidence, your role, and your ambitions. In this fast-paced world, first impressions are more important than ever. But, rather than being another stress for women, already weighed down by pressures, imagine if the contents of your working wardrobe were a delight to behold and a pleasure to put on.

Look The Business, our business and fashion event held in association with Vodafone was conceived the year after THE GLOSS launched in 2006, with the anticipation of filling a niche widely unexplored: career-oriented women who hold business and style of equal value. At all LTB events, this is something we celebrate through hosting fabulous speakers, dinners designed for networking, and fashion shows – typically all in one evening!

Ireland’s top companies in telecoms, tech, banking, finance, law, and recruitment have been present in force, as have creative personalities from the world of fashion and design. Look The Business was designed to bring women of all fields together in the efforts of networking, discovering new perspectives, and sharing a love of working hard – and looking your best while doing it.

Look The Business 2019 is now sold out. To register your interest for Look The Business 2020 please email tormiston@thegloss.ie.

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