Top Tips To Stand Out During A Job Search

Research suggests most new executive hires don’t apply for their new jobs at all, they are either RECRUITED OR REFERRED. If you want to advance to the INTERVIEW ROUND, tune in to MERC Partners to get tips from those who know best …


Here’s how to attract the attention of a headhunter:

1. WRITE A GREAT COVER LETTER: Focus on quantifiable achievements that substantiate your CV and omit waffle and generalities. Just concentrate on backing up your story.

2. ADD CONTEXT TO YOUR WORKING LIFE: Describe the priorities of your previous roles, the actions you took, the process you followed for successful outcomes.

3. USE AN EFFECTIVE PROFILE PIC: Professional women should have an up-to-date professional portrait taken. You should be the only subject in the picture and should appear as you would in the office: credible, confident, professional. You should be expressive, not too serious, and be beautifully, soberly, dressed.

4. OPTIMISE YOUR LINKEDIN: Revise and update it as applicable; you need to demonstrate how networked you are.

5. SHOW HOW YOU WILL FIT INTO THE CULTURE: Show how you understand the core values and mission: use examples.

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