Ruth Chapman on the Biggest Challenge She Faced When Launching Matches Fashion

Chapman, 56, is co-founder with husband Tom of and since 2017, co-chair of the global online retail platform. Matches began life as a bricks-and-mortar store in Wimbledon and expanded across 14 stores, before launching online in 2006 and becoming a model example of digital retail, with more than 55 million visitors each year.

NET WORTH Selling a majority shareholding to Apax Partners in 2017 netted Chapman £400m. THE CHALLENGES “Cashflow is always an issue. There are times when you are raising a family and paying a mortgage and the bank is on your back, and you do get through it – but there are definitely times when you think, ‘Oh god this is not great.’ But that’s just part of business.” GOOD ADVICE “When you’re in something, you never take anything for granted. Selling the business was obviously a great moment for us and being on the other side of it, we’re super-proud of what we did. But if you’re smug at one moment, things can change and things can go wrong.” LOOKING THE BUSINESS “A coat by MaxMara, a trouser suit by Saint Laurent – clean and classic. For a more feminine one, I’d go with Valentino or Chloé, or maybe a T-shirt by James Perse or Isabel Marant. For heels, Malone Souliers – the coloured mules are so beautiful. TIPS FOR BUSINESS TRIPS “Lots of supplements and water, not too much booze. Carry flats in your bag.”

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