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Packing your carry-on collection of beauty products is a breeze considering the security restrictions, but when it comes to stocking up during your travels, all of those options can be overwhelming. From unknown foreign ingredients to worldwide product obsessions you just can’t miss out on, we want to try it all. See what these worldly beauty gurus indulge in during their business trips so they can Look The Business at home.


“I recently treated myself to a Longchamp red leather weekend case (apparently the only one in France) that I call my Princess bag,” says contributing editor PENNY MC CORMICK. “I stock up on mags wherever I am and especially love Elle Decoration titles from around the world to feed my inner decorista. When in France, I buy Mariage Frères teas – the sur le Nil is a favourite – as well as Klorane’s Bleuet eye make-up remover. I love French pharmacies and could happily blow the budget on Caudalie products alone. In Italy I pick up tubes of Baci chocolates at the airport as much for the love quotes contained in the wrappers as for the taste. When in the US I make a beeline for drugstores and scour the shelves for Neutrogena’s Rain Bath, which I haven’t found anywhere else. I also stock up on Donna Karan’s Black Cashmere, my signature scent.”


CHRISTINE D’ORNANO, vice president of Sisley “I always buy Visine eyedrops from Duane Reade in New York: they make my eyes brighter.”  Inflight skin-saving tips?  “Sisley’s Black Rose cream mask keeps my skin looking rested and plumped up, and the eye contour mask keeps it hydrated. I also take lavender oil to put on my pillow to help me sleep.” Beauty travel essentials? “I couldn’t go anywhere without Sisley suncream and a Mason Pearson hairbrush.”


Irish artist NESTA FITZGERALD travels regularly to London, to France and once a year to Goa, in India. “In the  Dordogne in France I gather a little (actually a rather large) stash of walnuts and plum jam and when I go to London I stock up on Floris Blenheim bath essence and soap. I buy most of my jewellery and clothes in Goa.”


ellis op vakantie

ELLIS FAAS, Dutch make-up guru with her own line in SpaceNK, “Wherever I am in the world, I like to pop in to the local pharmacies and drugstores to find stuff you can only get there. One of the best places to do that is Japan –  I have a whole collection of weird, Japanese beauty products.”  Inflight skin-saving tips? “Virgin coconut oil and Dermalogica Hydramist.”


MARGARET MANGAN, Cloon Keen Atelier, Galway “My number one destination when travelling is Les Senteurs in Belgravia in London, they are the perfume experts. I also love Colette in Paris: it has all kinds of niche brands you can’t get anywhere else, like Joëlle Ciocco’s range, Carine Roitfield’ favourite skincare.” Inflight skin-saving tips? “I try to drink more water and avoid food when I’m flying. This helps me avoid the Michelin man look when I arrive.”


Fashion blogger BEBHINN KELLY has called the Middle East home for a decade and in the time she’s been there, three low-cost airlines have been established meaning weekend breaks are now something she takes for granted. The best travel souvenirs have always come from Beirut but her favourite beauty products are from the Dead Sea: “I was introduced to the niche brand Rivage a few years ago and have been addicted ever since. It’s especially great for deodorant. If I know of anyone travelling through Queen Alia Airport in Jordan, I always put in an order!”



POPPY DINSEY, British founder of the What I Wore Today (wiwt.com), regularly travels to New York: “I bring home oversized bottles of cheap body moisturisers, goodies from Philosophy and Kiehl’s, and tooth-whitening strips! Crest 3D are my favourite. There is a concentration of one of the ingredients that makes them illegal at home but in such a litigious country, they must be safe. Even though a Victoria’s Secret has opened on Bond Street in London, it’s much cheaper here so I have a long list of requests from friends and family.”


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