Going On Holiday More Often? You’re Not Alone

Whether it’s JETTING OFF on a break from HIGH-PRESSURE WORK several times a year or adopting the YOLO approach of Millennials and opting for an EXPERIENCE, we’re taking more holidays. Wherever you go, stay bright and blissed-out with our pick of rosy, beauty treats. 


According to Travel Supermarket, we’re now planning three trips annually instead of two. Research shows that those in so-called “grade A jobs” take an average of eight holidays a year – that’s one every six weeks. Millennials are also driving up the holiday bar charts by insisting on a #yolo lifestyle (you only live once). An Eventbrite survey found that 78 per cent would prefer to spend their money on an “experience” – such as a holiday – over something tangible that they could own.

For that sweet-scented, summer glow:

1. CLARINS Fix’ Make-Up is addictive – it wakes up and refreshes skin with the finest mist of elegant rose. Perfect for sluggish afternoons. €28.



2. l’Occitane’s newest La Collection de Grasse scent is the elegant Violette & Rose De Mai, a limited edition with hints of rhubarb and bergamot to add intrigue to this intensely feminine blend. €62.

loccitane Violette & Rose De Mai EDT (3)-2


3. We’ve tried many rose facial oils (Trilogy’s is an enduring favourite). Inika Enriched Pure Rosehip Oil is an excellent organic option to repair skin and soothe redness. From €25 at www.feelunique.com.



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