New Year, New Approach To Skincare

Tired of trying to figure out what ingredient are actually in your SERUMS AND CREAMS? It’s time to pare it back and SIMPLIFY your SKINCARE REGIME, writes Beauty Editor SARAH HALLIWELL


There’s a move towards a simpler and more transparent approach to skincare, and not before time – we’re tired of squinting at pots of serums and creams to try and see what’s in them and why. Why is fragrance so high up on the ingredients list, for example; do we really need so many silicones in every cream; and why is alcohol, which is drying, in our moisturiser? Just as with food packaging, we’re increasingly looking into the small print and demanding the best that science can deliver us, but without all the extra fillers. CHANEL helped kickstart this earlier in the year when it launched Solution 10 de Chanel, a moisturiser for sensitive skin with just ten essential components. And Canadian company Deciem is onto something with their pared-down range, The Ordinary (available at, slashing both prices and ingredients lists and making simplicity the selling point: the Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil (below), for example, is less than €10.

the-ordinary-roseMeanwhile Irish brand PESTLE & MORTAR is having great success with its clarity of packaging and ingredients, focusing on one key element at a time – first hyaluronic acid in its serum, then retinol in its Superstar Night Oil.

A new focus on simplicity feels like a backlash against the identikit faces that dominate television and social media – the antithesis of injecting and filling your face to eerie smoothness. The ludicrous concept of “fighting” ageing is giving way to looking the best you can at every age, and words like raw, individual and radiant rule for spring 2017. One look at Lancôme’s more natural new ad campaigns reflects the relaxed, simplified mood. Pare it back, and focus on glowing skin, wrinkles and all.

Sarah Halliwell

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