How I Look The Business: Anne O’Leary

For our third #MONDAYMOTIVATION, Vodafone Ireland’s Anne O’Leary, an annual speaker at Look the Business in association with Vodafone, tells us why exercise is the KEY TO BUSINESS SUCCESS …


Anne O’Leary, a keen triathlete, was appointed CEO of Vodafone Ireland, in 2013. A Cork native, she is chairperson of GOAL’s board of directors, deputy Vice President of Dublin Chamber of Commerce, serves on the board of Cork University Foundation and is an active board member of the Vodafone Ireland Foundation.

“I used to work in a very male-dominated company, and that definitely influenced the way I dressed – more trouser suits and streamlined clothing. In Vodafone however my style evolved, and now I much prefer clever tailoring, sharper yet more feminine.  The clothes that I wear now give me confidence in my role… [but] looking the part, for me, also means feeling the part, and it is amazing what it can do for your confidence when going into a tough board meeting…when I exercise, I feel more energised, I sleep better, I make better decisions. Triathlons for me are a goal. I do it because I enjoy them. You need to be energetic as a chief executive.”

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