How I Look The Business: Eve Pollard

Your weekly spark of #MONDAYMOTIVATION comes from EVE POLLARD who identified a GAP IN THE MARKET and did something about it. Here, she shares how embracing your age is central to LOOKING THE BUSINESS


Eve Pollard OBE was our magnificent after-dinner speaker at Look The Business 2014, the same year that she launched her fashion label, Eve Pollard Designs. Pollard wittily recounted her time as editor of several Fleet Street newspapers – and how on Sunday nights she would lay out her clothes for the week ahead, to save time and angst – during the cutthroat 1980s working in the British media.  

“Fed up with not being able to find dresses with sleeves, I was determined to do something about it. I’ve loved buying clothes for as long as I can remember. I have visited all sorts of fashion emporiums, from ­Primark to Prada, and tried on loads until that magic moment when I looked in the mirror and knew I’d had found The One… But buying clothes is now not enjoyable, and I seldom find anything that makes me feel good… As one of the first women editors of a national newspaper, a TV broadcaster and one of the first Brits to launch a fashion magazine in the US, I’ve broken the ‘glass ceiling’ in several areas of my life. So, I thought, why be dictated to by designers who seem to think older women are invisible? I started to think of all the things women like me want from a dress: a decent hem which is not too short. We want ­fabrics that have a little ‘give’, for those moments when we seem to have grown a size overnight. We want flattering necklines, good fabrics and classic shapes. And, ideally, we want dresses that do the office and a party. I teamed up with a designer to create a capsule collection of dresses to flatter women of my age.”

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