Our “Investing In Trusted Advisers” Investment Dinner

THE GLOSS was delighted to welcome a talented and glamorous audience of more than 100 businesswomen to the “INVESTING IN TRUSTED ADVISERS” event at The Merrion hosted by the magazine, in association with INVESTEC and A&L GOODBODY 

Sheena Doggett, Mrs, Moneypenny and Aisling Dodgson2

Last night (Thursday, April 21), there was a frisson of excitement when Mrs Moneypenny – who flew her own light aircraft from London that morning – stood up to address 100 C-suite, partner level, senior management, and business owners at the “Investing in Trusted Advisers” dinner, hosted by The Gloss Magazine in association with leading wealth management specialists Investec and corporate law firm A&L Goodbody.

Advocating hard work, delegation, self-promotion and financial literacy as the key skills of successful women, the Financial Times columnist, according to one delighted guest, “struck a perfect balance between humour and tough financial talking”.

The theme concentrated on the fact that in business, making key decisions comes with the territory. Decisions need to be made daily, even hourly, and it may be those decisions that influence your company’s trajectory. The ability to call on advisers you can trust makes all the difference to how you navigate problems, resolve issues and deliver outcomes. Aisling Dodgson, Investec’s Head of Treasury and Sheena Doggett, Partner at A&L Goodbody, and author Mrs Moneypenny discussed the topic of trusted advisers and their role in both personal and professional life.

Aisling Dodgson spoke about Investec’s Women in Business Programme; the fact that Irish businesswomen are not prioritising their personal finances in the comprehensive way their male counterparts do; the need for a trusted adviser to make a positive impact on your finances; women taking the lead in the control of family’s personal finance and the facts that women control a quarter of the world’s wealth but fewer than half of working Irish women have a private pension fund; when it comes to personal investment portfolios women are risk adverse; the life expectancy of women; the benefits of outsourcing your financial planning and the need for a long-term adviser relationship running in tandem with your evolving personal circumstances; the importance of time in building personal wealth with the end result being financial security and peace of mind.

Sheena Doggett shared her top five tips when seeking an adviser, which included choosing very carefully, protecting your business’s reputation and taking advantage of your adviser’s knowledge.

Following inspirational sessions from the speakers, there was discussion around the principle of investing in fashion before Mrs Moneypenny left with a parting tip: “Spend one hour a week on your finances.”

Images by Conor Healy

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