How I Look The Business: Mariella Frostrup

With less than three weeks until Look the Business 2016, it’s time for a weekly dose of #MONDAYMOTIVATION.
year’s formidable speaker MARIELLA FROSTRUP reminds us that clothes can improve our mood and even ACT AS AN ARMOUR 


Mariella Frostrup began her career in music PR before shifting into television in her 30s and since then has become firmly established as one of the most respected journalists, TV presenters and radio personalities working in the media today. She wrote a wildly popular agony aunt column in The Observer, presents The Book Show for Sky Arts and Open Book on BBC Radio 4. She is also an arts critic and has sat on the judging panels for the Booker Prize, the Orange Prize for Fiction, the Evening Standard Film Awards, the Amnesty International Media Awards, the Whitbread Book of the Year, the London Film Festival, and the RIBA Stirling Prize Awards 2006.

“Clothes aren’t just there to cover us up, they’re an expression of who we are and an instruction as to what element of our personality we want the world to focus on. Fashion is armour; it adds an essential layer to our lives. The right clothes can bolster us when we’re feeling weak, turn us into supernovas or superwomen, make us sporty or serious, they can cosset us when we’re feeling low, mark us out when we want to be noticed and slip us back into the crowd when we don’t.”

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