How I Look The Business: Amy Chua

In need of some serious #MONDAYMOTIVATION on this grey, autumnal day? This week, previous Look the Business speaker and Yale law professor AMY CHUA explains how working on self esteem is her own secret to LOOKING THE BUSINESS


One of Time magazine’s Top 100 global thinkers, Amy Chua is a professor in Law at Yale and author of a number of bestselling titles, most recently, The Triple Package, about the key traits that determine success. Chua’s entertaining speech at Look The Business 2014 took the audience on a journey that began with the uproar over her Battle Hymn of the other memoir and the Chinese-style parenting regime she imposed on her two daughters.

I believe you earn self-esteem, from striving to be good at something, and succeeding. But just because you love something, doesn’t mean you’ll ever be great. Not if you don’t work. Most people stink at the things they love. The Triple Package is essentially about the three key traits that determine success – a sense of self-esteem, yet a feeling of insecurity plus of course, impulse control. Never complain or make excuses. If something seems unfair, just prove yourself by working twice as hard and being twice as good.”

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