Helena Morrissey On Why She Founded The 30% Club

After a CAREER IN FINANCE in New York and the UK, Morrissey founded the 30% CLUB a cross-business initiative aimed at achieving 30 per cent women on UK corporate boards. She has been named as one of Fortune magazine’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders …


I would encourage young people not to worry about not being sure what they want to do, but rather be open to opportunities. Something will appeal and resonate. Your first job isn’t a lifelong commitment. A career might feel fulfilling at one point but things can change.

I strongly believe you create your own opportunities and one way of doing that is by asking for help when you don’t have the answers. There are different ways of achieving and learning, and playing to your strengths, but asking for advice and making sure you don’t feel completely on your own is important. Women do tend to take the whole burden on themselves.

I’ve never had a formal mentor but I believe strongly in the power of mentoring. I have lots of people whose opinions I’m comfortable seeking, who will correct me if I’m wrong. Openness is important.

I totally subscribe to the idea of meritocracy but the definition can be very narrow. The 30% Club was born out of frustration that so many women are so capable and this isn’t recognised. We want to further a cultural shift in businesses and organisations.

Taken from The Female Lead Women Who Shape our World by Edwina Dunn.

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