From Architects to Award-Winning Baristas: Bear Market

When STEPHEN DEASY and RUTH HUSSEY graduated from architecture in the height of the recession, they created a small pop-up called BEAR MARKET, which became one of Dublin suburb’s busiest COFFEE HAUNTS 

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When Stephen Deasy and Ruth Hussey met while studying architecture, neither anticipated that in the years following their 2009 graduation would lead to the unsettling feeling that if they were to continue their careers they would need to emigrate.

Ruth, turning to her passion, set up Pure Food Bakery in Blackrock with her mum Mary in 2011, which then went onto be stocked in some of Ireland’s leading retail stores.

Meanwhile Stephen took on the hospitality industry, founding EPI hostels with his cousin, which unfortunately was shaded by downturn of the Greek economy, launching EU-wide investments into doubt.

BEAR MARKET COFFEE (VAV architects) 05

Turning their hands instead to crafting a coffee shop which began as a pop-up, the pair eventually secured a premises, enlisting the help of their fellow classmates VAV Architects to create the store’s unique industrial design, for which it became known.

Training as baristas, the pair intended to eradicate the notion of coffee snobbery, and were last year awarded the ‘Digital Experience’ award at the Junior Chamber International Awards.

Nowadays, the pair run a number of cupping classes to break this snobbery and create informal conversation with their customers about the high quality artisan espresso they serve.


What’s next for the coffee-making duo? In the next few months, Bear Market will open its second Dublin store, with plans for more popping up around Dublin, with plans to offer worldwide delivery of their products.

“We believe that our online store will be one of our strongest revenue streams over the coming year so we are investing heavily in this with the intention of expanding our delivery service from nationwide as it currently stands to worldwide within the next year.”

BEAR MARKET COFFEE (VAV architects) 06

Tomorrow, to celebrate the release of our October issue in the Irish Times, Bear Market are offering readers of any regular coffee for just €2.

Hannah Popham

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