THE GLOSS Ceiling: Eye Surgeon Kate Coleman

Our new series features INSPIRING WOMEN alongside local heroines possessed of spirit, style, humanity and humour. This week’s focus is on KATE COLEMAN, eye surgeon and founder of charity RIGHT TO SIGHT

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Kate Coleman, BSc, PhD, FRCS, FRCOphth. If the profusion of letters after Dr. Coleman’s name is a blur, we’d advise you to make an immediate appointment to have your eyes checked. If not, read on.

You may never need Kate’s expertise in ophthalmology, orbital and oculoplastic surgery and ophthalmic oncology, but if you do, count yourself amongst her grateful patients in Blackrock Clinic undergoing treatment for cataracts, ptosis, dry eyes, blepharitis and other conditions affecting sight.

And, if you live farther afield, say Africa or India, you can now avail of treatment through Right to Sight, the charity founded as a non-profit organisation in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland by Dr. Kate Coleman in 2006.

Seeing sight loss as a global crisis, Kate was compelled to find a way to contribute to the eradication of preventable blindness through properly resourced and managed eye care provision.

We may no longer have 20/20 vision, but what we see when we spy, with our little eye Dr. Kate Coleman, at a fundraiser for a cause she’s passionate about, is a polished professional who is much more than her considerable achievements, with an earthy sense of what matters and a commitment to giving back.

Kate is an inside-out beauty, a stylish, elegant blonde who looks like serious fun. And if you have trouble seeing that, it might be time for your eye exam.


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