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These new CRYSTAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS and TREATMENTS could be just what you need … 


“I currently carry a black obsidian skull crystal – it’s for protection and strength. I’m really into crystals. I buy them for my staff,” so Victoria Beckham told Vogue recently and she is one of many celebrities including Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung who frequent the LA crystal merchants Spellbound Sky to stock up on rose quartz and amethyst. If you’ve dismissed this as too new-agey, look out for crystal-infused skincare that is poised to expand this year. Dr Hauschka’s Soothing Intensive Treatment (at Avoca) makes the calming properties of black tourmaline into a mist, while Auerlia’s Brightening Botanical Essence (at Space NK) made from quartz and rose quartz-infused waters blurs the lines between wellness and beauty. Nails Inc has just launched the “Mindful Manicure” with a range of four varnishes infused with crystals. The Spa at The Shelbourne’s best-selling Elemis Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Facial promises reduced wrinkles and added firmness. Further afield, the Chilean lapis lazuli massage at the trendy Faena Hotel Miami Beach ( releases tension.

Says crystal expert Jacquie Burgess who is based in Tullow, “Mainstream health and beauty is finally catching up with the therapeutic use of crystals – this is probably because of an increasing awareness that they really work for both energetic and physical wellbeing. Also, there is a much wider acceptance from conventional science of subtle energies. As a psychotherapist and medical herbalist, as well as working as a crystal therapist for nearly 30 years, I’ve found that there are great benefits to be gained from the crossover of these therapies. For example, I might add an energised crystal to a herbal formula or to an oil for a healing salve, while rose quartz can bring a feeling of safety and comfort in a counselling session. In the home or work place, quartz crystals are very useful in combating electromagnetic interference. Complex electrical circuitry and the use of multiple devices can negatively affect us, especially if our health is already compromised through illness. Placing a large natural quartz crystal in front of a television or computer monitor will screen some of that interference. As a beauty aid, rose quartz is beneficial for a clear and healthy complexion.” (

Penny McCormick

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