How To Communicate Smarter: Talking To Your Team

Know when to CRITICISE and when to PRAISE YOUR TEAM …


How do I talk to my team? Deep down we all know the answer. We should speak to our employees the way we would like to be spoken to: considerately, directly, clearly. Let´s translate these adverbs into rules.

Don’t criticise

This might sound a bit too easy-going. And, of course, you have to evaluate the work of your employees – that’s your job. But go easy on the criticism. Only start deconstructing if you’re prepared to help with the rebuilding. Keep using ‘we’. Especially when your team has lost.

Give praise (but not too much)

Go easy on the compliments, otherwise they lose their effect. If you celebrate behaviour that you expect, you are lowering standards. Whatever you do, don’t give praise simply to please.

Practise what you preach

Nothing rings more hollow than words that aren’t backed up by deeds. If punctuality and friendliness are important to you, then be punctual and friendly. Set the pace, demonstrate values, establish the tone.

Extracted from The Communications Book, 44 Ideas For Better Conversations Every Day by Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschäppeler (£9.99stg, Penguin).

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