Business Wisdom With Rosemary Walsh

Penny McCormick speaks to ROSEMARY WALSH, marketing manager of FRANK AND HONEST about her GREATEST ACHIEVEMENTS, the changing rules of business and her WORK WARDROBE STAPLES


Rosemary Walsh’s career in the food and beverage industry has involved time spent in the US and London, working for the Irish Dairy Board and Nestlé. When she returned to Dublin she continued to work for Nestlé, marketing their confectionery business, before joining Musgraves. Currently she is marketing manager for the Cork-based Frank and Honest Gourmet Coffee Company, launched last year and already enjoying considerable success.

Who or what has had a formative influence on your career?

My parents and my husband, who also works in the same industry.

My first proper job involved marketing the Kerrygold brand on the east coast of the US. I had to be a self-starter and use my own initiative a lot. This has stayed with me ever since.

What are some of the achievements of which you are most proud?

Apart from my three children, of course, most recently the successful launch of Frank and Honest Gourmet Coffee Company. Customer feedback has been fantastic, as has the business performance. We are now in 470 Centra and SuperValu stores nationwide which highlights the successful roll-out.

What have you learned about the (changing) rules of business over the last few decades?

The one rule that hasn’t changed is Always Listen to your customers.” Nowadays, though, how we listen and interact with our customers has changed hugely with the advent of social media.

Describe a typical day.

A typical day  starts at about 6.30am with a coffee and ends at about 11pm. Everything in between is different, every day. My job is hugely varied but it all revolves around marketing Frank and Honest and ensuring that as many people as possible experience the taste of the product and engage with the brand.

What are the key staples of your working wardrobe?

A tailored jacket sharpens every outfit and you can’t beat a little bit of bling to jazz things up.

What would your advice be to others hoping to have a corporate career?

It’s quite simple; know your goals, use your contacts for advice to get where you need to be. Work hard. Have respect for people. Be nice. A positive attitude is worth its weight in gold.

Penny McCormick

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