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The owner and chair of ELLEVATE, a global professional network for women, SALLIE KRAWCHECK has worked on Wall Street rising to CEO in bluechip companies such as Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and Citi Wealth Management …


Relationships are what drives everything – not just business but personal life.

For entrepreneurs, their network is a key determinate of success – for raising money, getting together a board of advisors, finding clients and customers, hiring, knowing what competitors are doing.

The number one thing is networking and Ellevate provides a platform for women to meet in person and online to exchange ideas that help us all.

We need to kiss the queen bee goodbye. We’ve had too many queen bees and I’ve been stung by them, as have my peers. I do get it. Historically, research shows that if there was one woman at the table you didn’t want another woman take your spot. My generation and the next are rejecting that. The table can be bigger, we can get more chairs.

A bunch of things make a good leader. You have to be smart enough. You have to work hard enough. You have to love it. Those are the prerequisites. You have to have a vision and sometimes I don’t. You have to be risk tolerant. That can be difficult for women. We tend to be quite risk-aware and leadership can mean sticking your neck out.

Success and failure are viewed as end points, not a process. You can fail and succeed everyday. If I get fired from a job – which I have been! – I won’t like it but that’s OK. I will wake up next morning and I’ll do it all again – and approach it with a sense of joy.

From: The Female Lead Women Who Shape Our World by Edwina Dunn.

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