A Brilliant Natural Facial To Try In Dublin

Why beauty editor SARAH HALLIWELL is now drawn to skin and hair care by WHAT’S NOT IN IT

Gabriele Colangelo SS18
Gabriele Colangelo SS18

Personally, if I’m investing in a facial I’ll go for hardcore cheek pummelling over fluffy every time. I want to see a difference – otherwise I’d just go and buy a cream – and learn from a skin expert. I went to The Greenhouse in Dun Laoghaire this month, and was fascinated by therapist Megan’s singular approach, using mysterious French brand Bioligique Recherche.


The focus on facial massage, gentle exfoliation and highly active serums and masks gives you a natural facelift. Whether you invest in the earthy-smelling lotions and vinegary P50 Lotion is up to you – they’re certainly not to everyone’s taste – but the lack of artificial perfume plus natural active ingredients means they’re worth a look, particularly if you have problem skin. Increasingly, we’re drawn to skin and hair care because of what’s NOT in it. We’re so over being told to cut out gluten, carbs and everything else from our diet by so-called experts (as the Irish Nutrition and Dietic Institute notes, the terms nutritionist and nutritional therapist are not protected by law and there’s no minimum qualification required). But when it comes to beauty, we welcome the demand for transparent ingredients lists and “free-from” chemicals, synthetics and animal testing. Sales of organic health and beauty are up by 20 per cent, say the Soil Association, and issues such as fair trade and recyclable packaging are on the radar.


It’s driven by environmentally aware younger consumers; Kat Von D cosmetics are nearly all vegan, hence their popularity with millenials. L’Oréal recently launched their first vegan haircare range. Worthy yet luxurious brands we rate include Phyt’s (www.vclaire.ie), Eminence and Previse (at Harvey Nichols); all worth exploring if you’re becoming aware of just what you’re putting on your skin.

Find out more about the Biologique Recherche facial at The Greenhouse in Dun Laoghaire.

Sarah Halliwell

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