Agent of Change: Lucky Beard’s Elaine Devereux on Digital Strategy, New Technologies and Staying Relevant

We talk to five gamechangers – who disrupted an existing eco-system in their field to create a better way of doing things – about the importance of innovative thinking 

Elaine Devereux is managing director, Lucky Beard Ireland, a global design company whose European HQ is now in Dublin. Lucky Beard helps businesses and brands to innovate, to adapt, redefine their vision and future-proof their business. INNOVATIVE THINKING Every business is different but technology-driven dislocation is happening in every sector. Businesses are struggling to come to terms with the new realities. That’s where we come in. We can help businesses reshape and come to terms with the new realities. Our work may begin with writing a brand strategy, creating a brand identity, building a brand, a digital strategy and ultimately designing a new suite of digital products that are fit for purpose. How the world perceives you involves all aspects, from the visual elements and language, to products and services offered. Rather than deal with multiple agencies, managing teams and dovetailing priorities, a business can have us handle the entire strategy from beginning to end. We conduct thorough research on the role that technology can play in future-proofing an operation, deliver greater efficiencies, drive productivity and create an unparalleled customer experience. THORNY CHALLENGE Businesses in South Africa [where Lucky Beard was founded] are among the fastest adopters of new technology in the world but here companies struggle to keep pace. Those who fail to embrace new technologies and digital processes are more likely to fail. Staying relevant is vital. Understanding consumers and bringing fresh, insightful views of the world helps clients discover how to harness tech tools and use them to drive success. What we do seems radical but things move so fast, you have to be totally comfortable with constant innovation in order to succeed. LATEST PROVOCATIVE IDEA Encouraging big business not to fear the innovators but rather to allow a diverse, talented team in to become a real extension of their own team. Magic happens when you weave ideas, knowledge and skills together. 

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