8 Ways to Organise Your Desk

 Boost your PRODUCTIVITY this week with these simple ways to organise your desk …


1. Clear it out First things first, tackle your existing desk clutter by sorting through what you need and don’t need. Recycle any old bits of paper and consolidate any random notes left lying around – whether that’s by writing them all in a notebook or keeping a Word Document on the go. Put anything you do want to keep in a clearly labeled folder or envelope. Schedule a time in your diary (Monday mornings? Friday afternoons?) to do regular desk clear-outs to avoid future build ups.

2. Pencils in pots The second step is to get everything you do want to keep in its (nicely presented) place. Invest in an eye-catching pencil pot, case or filing system that will add a little colour or flair to your desk while helping keep it organised. Going for the lo-fi look? A washed empty tin can (with the label removed, obviously) serves as a rather industrial chic pencil pot. Or go for a super-minimal acrylic pot by Muji: the desk version of those acrylic make-up cases so loved by beauty bloggers.

3. The write stationery Nothing breeds creativity like a gorgeous new notebook – you’ll be full of ideas you want to write in it. A chic and timeless Smythson classic and customisable leather notebook is still the holy grail of stationery.

4. Room for inspiration This applies best if you’re working in a creative job. As well as all the admin things you need (little black books, invoices, countless to do lists…) your desk should be brimming with inspiration. Have a cork board or magnetic whiteboard on which you can keep inspiration – whether it’s visual references or ideas. Think of it as a Pinterest board you can keep in front of you at all times.

5. Beauty inspiration We’re never far from our most treasured beauty fixes, and just a handful of beauty products we keep on our desktop at all times are face mist (for beating the mid-afternoon slump), a punchy lipstick (in case we need to quickly brighten up before a meeting) and hand lotion, for soothing dry hands throughout the day.

6. Keep it clean 

That counts for your keyboard and mouse, as well as the top of your desk itself. Most of us clean our desks at least once a week, but it’s easy to neglect your keyboard and mouse – and yet these are probably the most vital parts, since our hands interact with them so much. Zapping bacteria is especially important for serial snackers, like us, whose hands will roam from keyboard to mouth. Once your computer is turned off at the end of the day, give your keyboard and mouse a wipe down with disinfectant – and remember to repeat regularly. Schedule it if you have to.

7. Let there be light 

Hopefully, at this time of year, you’ll have plenty of natural light coming into your office. However if you’re not so privileged – or you have a tendency to work late into the evening – it’s always good to have a great desk lamp. This cage lamp by Industry Design (Drury Street, Dublin 2) can be clipped anywhere you like, so it can move from project to project with you. In search of a softer glow? Go for a potted candle with a scent that will leave you inspired.

8. Final flourishes 

Finally, one of the simplest and best ways to add a final flourish to a newly-organised desk is by adding a plant. That might be a vase of freshly cut flowers, a potted plant you can tend to for months to come, or if you’re really low maintenance, a colourful potted cactus. Having a living plant is also great for purifying the air and boosting your mood.

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