5 Ways To Burn Fat Over Christmas

Step away from the ROSES, put down the MINCE PIES and don’t let the holiday season derail your TRAINING SCHEDULE, says personal trainer DAMIAN HALL


1. Avoid inflammatory foods

You cannot out-train inflammation and bloating so I recommend using the exclusion method to test for food intolerances. Take note of how you feel after eating wheat, dairy and nuts (three common culprits). If you feel lethargic or bloated, you are more than likely having a small reaction to what you have just consumed. Exclude that food for a week and see how you feel then.

2. Strength train

Don’t be afraid to lift heavy over the Christmas period. The extra calories you are consuming will go towards adding muscle, which will in turn boost your metabolism.

3. Drink water

Stay hydrated and your body will be less likely to retain water and will be better equipped to flush out toxins. It will also help minimise those festive hangovers.

4. Keep training

Why sabotage your goals from the start of the month? When you train, you feel good and generally eat better.

5. Plan for the aftermath

If you do feel yourself losing control over Christmas, have a plan for January. For optimal health and fatloss, choose a programme that offers clear guidance and direction as well as informaion about nutrition and how the body works.

Damian Hall; www.comepletepersonaltraining.ie

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