5 Solutions For Troubled Skin

Do you struggle with problem skin? ZUZIA WHELAN shares her secret selection of five brilliant solutions that always ensure SMOOTH, BEAUTIFUL SKIN …

Victoria Beckham. Photograph by Jason Lloyd Evans
Victoria Beckham. Photograph by Jason Lloyd Evans

Struggling with your skin will teach you to respect it, rather than fight it. Whether it’s too much sugar, not enough sleep, or simply hormones, there’s no telling what might cause tricky skin to flare up, and there is nothing more frustrating, especially when you are constantly busy and on the go.

Acne, acne scars, dryness and general irritation don’t respond well to aggressors, and the ingredients in some treatments labelled as “anti-acne” are often just as full of provocation as the cause of the problem.

Sometimes a good overall skin quality is a better option than a shortlived spell of spotlessness. Having searched exhaustively for solutions, I’ve found five saviours that truly work hard for troublesome skin:


1 Sukin Cream Cleanser. Sukin is an Australian, vegan and cruelty- free company, and their ingredients are as virtuous as a baby lamb. This cleanser is aloe vera-based, so it’s wonderfully calming, while cacao butter makes it creamy and nourishing, and mandarin, rosemary and lavender oils are astringent. It cleans thoroughly, and calms instantly, leaving spots less red and sore. I even leave it on longer as a mask sometimes. Available in health stores nationwide, €12.90.

2 Dermedic Normacne Regulating-Cleansing Night Cream. Dermedic understands that we must work with our skin’s own processes to heal it. Zinc and salicylic acid work to take down spots, AHAs gently exfoliate and renew, and natural soother allantoin (from the comfrey plant root) calms, hydrates and heals old scars. It feels tacky on application, and smells fierce, but you wake up with spots significantly smaller, and skin considerably softer. Available from www.amazon.co.uk, £20.99stg.


3 Eve Lom Rescue Mask is a powerhouse for fixing unhappy skin. It combines camphor, kaolin, honey and allantoin to calm, deeply cleanse, and sooth puffiness, this is best when left to dry, and rolled off gently with the fingertips before rinsing. Use once a week for maintenance, and every day for a week if you’re going through a bad patch. From €46, at Space NK.

4 Pai Bio-Regenerate Rosehip Serum. Unlike other rosehip oils, this is a blend from both the seed and the fruit, making it especially potent. Two drops are enough to leave you glowing, soothe active spots and, over time, fade acne marks and improve the overall condition of your skin, so it heals more effectively. €28, at health stores nationwide.


5 Dr Schrammek Blemish Balm. I have often cut open a tube of this to scrape out the dregs. This is one of the original BB creams, and has been sorting tricky skin since 1967. The colour choice is poor (classic, beige and honey), and it smells medical, but there is nothing like it to soothe red, irritated, infected skin. Put a towel on your pillow and sleep in it like a mask: when you wash it off (gently), your skin will be healthier, calmer and happier. Available online, around €41.

Zuzia Whelan

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