8 Superfoods Set To Become Huge In 2016

If you follow health food bloggers, nutritionists or fitness fanatics you won’t have missed the BUZZ AROUND SUPERFOODS. This year sees a whole new range of healthy-eating treats set to FILL UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS …


1. Apparently our obsession with seeds and grains is set to soar but black is undoubtedly the new green with BLACK SEEDS challenging kale and other staples like quinoa. Black seeds (also called black cumin) come from the flowering plant Nigella Sativa and are full of protein and antioxidants thought to help regulate blood sugar levels and protect the body a number of lifestyle related illnesses. Just sprinkle liberally on salads, soups, shakes and porridge and reap the rewards.

According to UK-based medical doctor, nutritional expert and journalist Dr Lauretta Ihonor (who’s scientifically-based no-nonsense blog Health Trend Doctor is well worth following), ”the problem with many so-called superfoods is that they’re eaten in quantities much too small to deliver significant amounts of the very nutrients that make them ‘super’.”

2. Dr Ihonor is also a major advocate of MCT OIL, which unlike ordinary fat is used for energy rather than being stored in the body (which promotes fat burning) and (3.) MATCHA GREEN TEA which is packed with protective antioxidants called catechins.

4. BLACK RICE is also set to be a brilliant source of nutrients this year. “A small bowl of the nutty-tasting unrefined rice provides around 10g of protein, 4g of fibre and more anti-oxidants (mainly phenolics and flavonoids) than a bowl of blueberries. And it’s these antioxidants that make black rice worthy of its superfood status as studies have shown they reduce inflammation in the body, can protect against signs of skin ageing and cardiovascular disease.”

5. SEAWEED reigns supreme this year it seems being described as ‘amongst the most nutritious foods on the planet’.

6. The gluten-free Ethiopian grain TEFF, apparently the smallest known grain in the world, is overflowing with iron and fibre and has a low glycemic index, which keeps our blood sugar levels well balanced. Commonly used in flatbread, it can be cooked like quinoa or rice or used in porridge by heating it with coconut or almond milk. Add bananas, berries and a touch of maple syrup… delicious.

7. FUNGI are finally getting their moment as some varieties of mushroom have reached superfood status most notably Reishi and Chaga (large black fungus that is sold in tea bags or as powdered granules and tinctures), both used for centuries in many parts of the world and thought to do everything from bolstering the immune system to promoting longevity.

8. Lastly, a daily elixir I would swear by is based on APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. In fact as a child my Dad drank it every day mixed with honey and water. It too is enjoying a new lease of life based on its reputation for promoting our digestive health in particular.

Lastly, lest we get carried away completely, a common sense word of warning — no food is complete and variety still reigns over superfoods, ancient and new.

Kate O’Brien

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