5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Immune System In January

From the newest technological innovations to the latest holistic trends, PENNY MC CORMICK looks forward to a healthy 2016. Here’s what she suggests for January


This month’s plan: GET FIGHTING FIT

TO DO: Boost your immune system.

1. THE EXPERT: Nutritional therapist, Henrietta Norton, author and co-founder of www.wildnutrition.com says, “Your digestive system is where 70 per cent of your immunity resides. These good bacteria are found in live natural yoghurt or a good daily supplement and ensuring you have adequate levels could reduce your susceptibility to attack. Eating a rainbow every day will help too: vegetables provide an array of phytonutrients that keep our cells in ‘fighting form’. Used in Tibetan medicine for thousands of years for the treatment of disease, shiitake, maitake and oyster mushrooms have gradually crept into western complementary therapy. They are rich in polysaccharides that support the immune system’s response to viral infection.”

2. JOIN: The Health Club at The Shelbourne for a three-month intensive programme designed to transform mind and body. The membership includes a one-on-one session each week and a bespoke nutritional programme as well as Tabata, Pilates, kickboxing and other classes.

3. DRINK: Pick up a signature “Hollywood” juice packed with carrot, orange, mint leaves and turmeric, the super-spice, from The Juicery at The Westbury, created by juicing pioneer, Cindy Palusamy. In London, try the delicious “London Greens” blend of pear, spinach and coconut water at The Juicery at The Marylebone. It’s as refreshing and tasty as it is nutritious.

4. WATCH: YouTube sensation AJ Jacobs’ TED Talk: “How Healthy Living Nearly Killed Me”. The New York-based writer’s amusing anecdotes are eye-opening. He concludes that if you make a New Year’s resolution, decide to follow it with joy rather than grim determination …

5. LIFE HACK: No time to get to the gym? Try WOGA – that’s web yoga – by Brooklyn’s Dirty Yoga, who offer 28-day schedules at www.dirtyyogaco.com. Instant Butt Trainer, by Hanneli Mustaparta, is the best bottom workout app and is easy to use just about anywhere.

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